“SecureGas” project for the enhancement of security and resilience of the European gas network

“SecureGas” project for the enhancement of security and resilience of the European gas networkKey information about the project:
Demand. Gas networks are a critical state-significant infrastructure, which can be damaged by natural disasters, accidents, cyber attacks, malicious behaviour, criminal activity or terrorism. Any disruption or lack in the gas supply can negatively affect the security of the EU countries and the welfare of the citizens of the Community. Thus, it is particularly important to ensure the security and resilience of these vital resources and their infrastructure. When ensuring the security of an interconnected infrastructure, a broader understanding of the possible consequences of network disruptions is necessary.
Therefore, given the existing and arising threats, the European Union, together with the international organisation RINA, has started implementing a research and development project “SecureGas”, which aims to ensure the security and resilience of the EU gas network.

Aim. To carry out a forecast, assessment of the physical and cyber risk, prevention, determination, response, and, in the case of an incident, mitigation of consequences and swift recovery after incidents, thus aiming to ensure the security and resilience of all facilities, as well as the environment, throughout the entire period of the life of the infrastructure.

Benefits for “Amber Grid”:

  • Within the scope of the project, the modelling of the optimal management of transmission system nodes has been carried out;
  • Identification of the shortcomings in ensuring physical and cyber security in Jauniūnai compressor station and provision of recommendations regarding enhancement of security;
  • Creation of a special drone that detects gas leaks and its transfer to “Amber Grid”, which shall allow for the use of innovative technologies in everyday activities.

Projekto dalyviaiFunding. The European Commission’s Research and Innovation Programme “Horizon 2020”.
Period of implementation. 2019-2021.
Participants and scope of the project. An international consortium uniting 21 partners representing various areas is taking part in the project “SecureGas”.

In the project „SecureGas“, attention is focused on the European gas network stretching for 140 000 km and covering the entire value chain from production to distribution.


Europos dujų tinklasThe project “SecureGas” is also vital to successful green gas activities, as the European gas network, which operates as an integral part of the energy infrastructure of the European Union, is being developed in a way that complies with the requirements for the emissions of carbon dioxide established in the Paris Agreement. The gas transported via this network covers 22 per cent of the total energy consumption in Europe. Furthermore, it is anticipated that, as the production of gas from renewable energy sources grows, the role of the gas network shall grow as well, and the existing gas infrastructure shall play an important part in achieving the goals of decarbonisation in Europe.