Innovation ecosystem

Innovation ecosystemOur aim is for EPSO-G group of companies to solve the arising challenges with the help of innovative solutions. Therefore, within the group and around it, we are creating an environment characterised by conditions facilitating this goal – an ecosystem. Each of the elements of this ecosystem is geared towards listening, investigating and achieving the goal that has been set.


Innovation process

Innovation processWhile attracting and selecting ideas for implementation, we follow a process, the key steps of which are: discovery of ideas from internal and external sources, their evaluation, selection according to our priorities for action, implementation, as well as application and assessment of results.


Innovation portfolio

Innovation portfolioOur goal is a balanced innovation portfolio where attention is paid both to riskier long-term innovations of a larger scope and ideas that bring quick results. In view of this, we categorise ideas according to their impact on our activities and the novelty, uncertainty. In our portfolio, according to the number of projects, core innovations account for 65%, breakthrough innovations – 20%, while radical innovations account for 15%.