Smart solutions for sustainable energy future:

security, integration and transformation

From electric cars and solar power plants mounted on the roofs to offshore wind farms and hydrogen technologies – nowadays, society and the energy sector already favour renewable energy sources, while in 30 years’ time, climate-neutral energy will dominate both industry and households.

As a EPSO-G group of energy transmission and exchange enterprises, we are already taking the transformation of the sector into account while ensuring the country’s energy security and integrating the electricity and gas systems, as well as regional markets, with Europe. We feel responsible for these changes and are ready to take a leading role in the laying of the foundations for green energy, while at the same time seeking to ensure greater energy efficiency and benefits for the Lithuanian people and businesses.

We believe that change must begin at home. We are changing our mindset and rely on innovative solutions. You are welcome to find out more about the actions that we have already taken in order to develop sustainable energy of the future in our country.

Security Integration Transformation

Kryptys ir prioritetai

Focus areas and top priorities

Nowadays, the energy sector is faced with radical changes, and innovation is crucial in enabling them. In the National Energy Independence Strategy, competitiveness, reliability, reduction of impact on climate change and air pollution, as well as the participation of the country’s businesses in seeking progress of the energy sector, are listed as the main directions of the strategy’s implementation. All of the companies of the EPSO-G group contribute to their implementation.  The innovation focus areas in our group are as follows:

  • Smart and efficient asset management
  • Smart and efficient management and monitoring of systems
  • ITT and digitalisation
  • Business organisation and new services

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Innovation ecosystem

Our aim is for EPSO-G group of companies to solve the arising challenges with the help of innovative solutions. Therefore, within the group and around it, we are creating an environment characterised by conditions facilitating this goal – an ecosystem. Each of the elements of this ecosystem is geared towards listening, investigating and achieving the goal that has been set.

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Veikime kartu

Let’s act together

We are open to your proposals of cooperation. We invite you to present your ideas, show your solutions, include us in the implementation of your projects. Let’s face energy challenges together!

You are welcome to contact us and schedule a meeting –

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